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distort, contrive [RY]

ex gsar thob tu 'chos pa med pa is not to be altered into an attainment of something new [RY]

I) MG: p. bcas. i) vi. to make, create. E.g, kho tshos shug po'i stage cig bzos (?) 'dug, The made a paper tiger. ii) to correct, to rennovate, to repair, to revise, to reform, to treat (illness) E.g., ri rgod kyang bzos (?) 'go btsugs par red, They have begun to rennovate even the bare mountains. II) pa. of 'cha' ba (cf.). [mss] [RY]

to overcome; dgra las 'chos pa to overcome the enemy [RY]

'chos pa, bcos pa, bcos pa, chos trans. v.; alt. pf. of 'cha' ba; 1) p. bcos, ppa 'chos, bcos to make, create, construct, build, fashion, tailor, mold, shape. | kho tshos shug po'i stag cig bzos 'dug. They made a paper tiger. 2) to correct, repair, revise, reform, treat; improved, enriched; renovate, 3) hypocrisy 4) to treat, cure (illnesses). 5) neg: to distort, contrive. disorderly; to foist, pass off as; 6) to make ready, prepare [RY]

bcos pa to contrive; to fashion/ tailor/ mold/ shape; to concoct/ fabricate/ compromise; isc. to improve on [RB]

make, make ready, prepare, construct, build, make corrections, correct, display, bite, playful, coquettish [JV]

1) make [ready]; 2) prepare; 3) construct/ build; 4) display; 5) bite; 6) make/ create; 7) correct/ repair; 8) revise/ reform; 9) treat [IW]