'dus byas

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conditional, compound, composite nature, concrete reality, conditional existence, composed of two or more ingredients, conditioned, compiled, brought together, revised, compounded, product, material world, composite, a composed thing, brought together, corporate, are contained in, compound entity, composite [JV]

conditioned [thd]

compound, composite, conditioned thing; product, compounded, conditioned, formed; aggregate; composite phenomenon; caused phenomenon, compiled, brought together, material world, Skt. samskrita [RY]

composite (factor/ phenomenon); compounded (of causes and conditions); isc. created through circumstances [RB]

1) composite; 2) conditioned; 3) samskrita (/ [produced or arising from many causes and conditions, and from the dharmas of the five skandhas. caused phenomenon, product, material world compiled, compounded, brought together,] [IW]

1) composite, compiled, compounded, brought together; 2) conditioned; 3) samskrita [IW]


'dus byas is translated variously as compound, composite and conditional. All three are acceptable translations and should be considered synonymous.

The English words compound and composite are closer to the literal meaning of the Sanskrit saMskAra and Tibetan 'dus byas. The word conditional is derived from the explanation the Buddha gave in the sutras that was repeated in the treatises. In Master Vasubandhu's words, "Those which are made by conditions coming together and meeting are composites. There is nothing at all produced by a single condition." DKC