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aggregate, collection [ggd] [RY]

contain bla ma nyid du 'dus pa embodied in the teacher himself [RY]

aggregation, condensation, conglomeration [thd]

Samaja [RY]

1) gathered/ collected/ assembled; 2) gathering/ assembly; 3) sangha three way of composing verse [one meaning to be expressed has many expressing shlokas, which also have many words.] four the body; 5) Guhyasamaja; 6) embodiment; 7) abbreviated/ pithy; 8) aggregation/ combination [IW]

Participants [RY]

Compendium; text name [RY]

include, contain, cover, collect, unite, assembled, council, typhoid fever, concentrated, sum up, reflected within, gather into, included within, aggregation, assembled, typhoid fever accompanied by many complications, SA 'du ba, troop, herd, is contained in, brings together, are included in, to be connected with, will be included [JV]

consolidated within [RY]

nt. Assemblage [RY]

'du ba to come together/ gather/ be subsumed/ unite; isc. to be found (in); isc. to be embraced by (with instrumental) [RB]

pf. of 'du ba, aggregation, assemblage, assembly, combination, come together, composed, compounded, embodiment, formed, gathered, gathering, included, pithy, unified; Assemblage; assemblage/ embodiment/ combination; meet/ to embody; pf. of 'du ba; unified [RY]

came together, gathered [RY]

condencation, conglomeration, aggregation [RY]