'grib pa

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darken, grow dim, get dark, diminution, grow less, decrease, be diminished, decay [JV]

1) zad pa'am nyung ngur phyin pa,...Gtsang po'i chu rgyun 'phel grib sna tshogs yong,...mtsho chu mi grib mi lud pa,...Mar ngo'i dus su zla ba'i cha rim gyis mar grib pa,...2 Brgal ba,...Nyi ma grib song,... 1) be exhausted; 2) grow less/ decrease/ be diminished/ decline/ fade; 3) cross over; 4) be obscured [IW]

'grib pa, 'grib pa, 'grib pa intr. v.; 1) vi, to decline, drop, go down, decrease, grow less, decay, wane, dim, fade, be exhausted, diminish, become obscured, be obscured be diminished; (op. of 'phel);. 2) vi. to block, cover, hinder [RY]