'jam mgon kong sprul

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See Jamgon Kongtrul on this website.

Jamgon Kongtrul on Treasury of Lives

Jamgon Kongtrul Lodro Taye
b.1813 - d.1899

Jamgon Kongtrul on Buddha-Nature

Jamgön Kongtrül. (1813-1899). Also known as Lodrö Thaye, Yönten Gyamtso, Padma Garwang and by his tertön name Padma / Chimey Tennyi Yungdrung Lingpa. He was one of the most prominent Buddhist masters in the 19th century and placed special focus upon a non-sectarian attitude. Renowned as an accomplished master, scholar and writer, he authored more than 100 volumes of scriptures. The most well known are his Five Treasuries, among which are the 63 volumes of the Rinchen Terdzö, the terma literature of the one hundred great tertöns [RY]

Jamgön Kongtrül, Jamgön Kongtrül Lodrö Thaye [RY]

Jamgon Kongtrul ['jam = soft = Manjushri; mgon: protects six realms); kong - place name; sprul = sprul sku) ] [IW]

ris med movement [JV]