'jig rten

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1) the external, physical world, the world, the external world, world system, worldly, mundane, ordinary, society. 2) mortal, subject to destruction, death, the receptacle for destruction, liable to fall apart; Loka; the world; world, world system, worldly; (ordinary) world(-system)/ universe [RY]

mundane [RY]

(ordinary/ perishable) world (system)/ universe [RB]

1) loka, world; 2) mortal, subject to destruction [IW]

<loka:> world: 1) 'jig the destructible environment which the inhabitants sentient beings depend on rten in their confusion is therefore called 'jig rten. It is the external evironment with its continents and subcontinents, Mount Meru, the sun and moon etc. The internal inhabitants are the sentient beings comprising the three realms. syn: skye 'gro dang, 'gro rten, gnas rten, srid pa.; 2) 'the three worlds below, on and above the earth sa 'og, sa steng, sa bla. the [external] world [system], society, death, the receptacle for destruction, liable to fall apart, worldly, mundane, ordinary, mortal.] [IW]

loka, world, transmigratory existence, receptacle of all that is perishable, external world, universe, the external physical world, world-system, phenomenal world, transitory realm, samsara [JV]