'jig rten gsum

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three worlds [IW]

three worlds [gods, humans, and nagas (khams gsum, the "three realms," refers to k\-amadh\-atu, r\-upadh\-atu, and \- ar\-upyadh\-atu: the desire realm, form realm, and formless realm. it is also known as srid pa'i gsum, the "three realms of existence " sa gsum, the "three levels," refers to where the \d \-akin\- is live: above the earth, on the earth, and below the earth). sa bla lha'i 'jig rten, sa steng mi'i 'jig rten, sa 'og klu'i 'jig rten bcas gsum mo [IW]

three divisions of the world (earth, heaven, hell) [JV]

sa 'og sa steng sa bla gsum; Three Worlds. Those of desire, form, and the formless. 1) sa 'og gi klu'i sems can. 2) sa steng gi mi'i 'gro ba 3) sa bla'i lha the three worlds [of gods, humans, and nagas]. 1) steng lha'i 'jig rten. 2) bar mi'i 'jig rten 3) 'og klu'i 'jig rten [RY]

1) Three worlds. The three spheres of gods, humans, and nagas. 2) See also srid pa gsum. [RY]