'khor gsum

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1) threefold. 2) the three spheres [of a an act]. [subject, agent, action, object of the action]. Syn bya byed las gsum 3) the three Wheels [of the Dharma]. 4) three weapons [bow & arrow, knife and spear, or bow, arrow, & sword]. 5) [in logic] the three factors. rtags bsal khyab gsum 6) the three wheels [of action of body, speech and mind]. 7) three main objects of a man's activity. 1] don man's practical activity having material aims. ii] 'dod pa man's sensual and especially sexual delights. iii] chos religion, religious duties. 8) man, cattle, wealth. three focal points; three spheres; threefold sphere [RY]

three focal points; subject, object, and their interrelationship [RB]

three spheres [thd]

groups of 3/3-fold: 1) the three weapons: arrow, sword, and spear, or bow, knife and spear...Sked par 'khor gsum btags nas gyul sar chas,...2) three wheels of dharma, the self- turned trinity...3) actor, action, and object of action Byed pa po dang, bya ba'i las, bya ba'i yul in the case of giving a gift ..4) in the case of philosophical debate sign/reason rtags, subject bsal, and pervasion khyab. 5) the three wheels of action of body speech and mind three main objects of activity don = practical activity having material aims ii) 'dod pa = man's sensual and esecially sexual delights iii) chos = religion, religious duties), man, cattle, wealth.] [IW]

groups of 3/ 3-fold [IW]

the giver, the given, the giving, three weapons (bow, arrow and sword), 3 objects (man, horse, cow) [JV]

three spheres. The three 'spheres' or concepts of subject, object and action [RY]