'khrug pa

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1) search/ be mixed or mistake the count/ order; 2) disturbed [mind]; 3) fight/ battle; 4) quarrel/ disturbance/ dispute [IW]

ft. of 'khrug pa; 'khrugs pa, 'khrug pa 1) vi. to get into a fight, quarrel, make a conflict. 2) vi. to be disturbed, stirred up, shaken up, to be panic-strides, in a state of commotion, ruffled, upset. 3) to be mixed up, disordered. mchi ma 'khrug burst into tears. Comp. with dkrug pa 4) fighting, quarrel, strife, tumult, dispute, disorder, disagreement, disturbance. 5) to vibrate, tremble [with rage] conflict; 'khrug pa, 'khrugs pa, 'khrug pa intr. v [RY]

affliction, fight, stir, spring forth, be in commotion, be disturbed, be panic-stricken, be angry, quarrel, contend [JV]

cause trouble [RY]

nga'i glang dgos zhes 'khrug nas yelling, 'Give me back my ox!' and they quarreled [RY]

1) argument, confrontation, antagonism, quarrel, fight, accost, strife, conflict, squabble, dispute, altercation, feud, row, clash, skirmish, hostilities, run-in, collision, incident (noun); 2) to argue, to confront, to antagonize, to quarrel, to fight, to accost, to cause strife, to cause conflict, to squabble, to dispute, to cause an altercation, to feud, to cause a row, to clash, to skirmish, to cause hostilities, to have a run-in, to have a collision, to make an incident (verb); 3) disturbance, trouble, stir, stirring up, commotion (noun); 4) to disturb, quarrel, fight, accost (verb); 5) disorder, mix-up, mistaken, messed up (noun); 6) to be disordered, to be mixed up, to be mistaken mistaken, to be messed up (verb); 7) to be mentally or emotionally upset, shaken up, panicked, freaked out, bothered, annoyed or frustrated (sems pa 'khrug). See the common verb form 'khrug pa rgyab and 'khrug pa rgyab pa. Erick Tsiknopoulos