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clarity, luminosity. [thd]

Radiant Light; one of the three abodes in bsam gtan gnyis pa. (RY)

light intensity, (-, primordial, radiant, clear, bright) light, sheer lucency, luminosity, abhasvara god, luminous, luminous absorption, luminescence, clarity, celestial region, name of bon heaven, supernatural enlightening of the saints, radiant awareness, luminous clarity, clear light heaven, 1 of gzugs khams gnas rigs bcu bdun, luminous clarity, natural luminosity, luminous clarity, utter lucidity, luminosity. (JV)

luminosity, prabhasvara [1 Of the 28 classes of gods in the gzugs kyi khams form realm, the 3rd realm in the bsam gtan gnyis pa R] [IW]

Luminosity. A key term in Vajrayana philosophy signifying a departure from Mahayana's over-emphasis on emptiness which can lead to nihilism. According to Mipham Rinpoche, 'luminosity' means 'free from the darkness of unknowing and endowed with the ability to cognize.' (RY)

(state of) utter lucidity (of being/ mind)*; utterly lucid. (RB)

luminosity. Literally 'free from the darkness of unknowing and endowed with the ability to cognize.' The two aspects are 'empty luminosity,' like a clear open sky, which is the cognizant quality of the nature of mind; and 'manifest luminosity,' such as five-colored lights, images, and so forth. Luminosity is the uncompounded nature present throughout all of samsara and nirvana (RY)

luminous, lucent, lucid, luminescent, radiant, light. luminous; brilliance, radiant light. radiant clarity 1) luminous clarity, luminosity; brightness, clarity, lucidity, clear light. 2) One of the 28 classes of gods in the gzugs kyi khams. the third realm in the bsam gtan gnyis pa; form realm of the bsam gtan gnyis pa ba'i. the 2nd absorption; Prabhasvara,[a class of gods]; 3) luminous wakefulness, cognizance, 6) inner radiance. the radiance or luminosity of mind-as-such, occurring between the waking and the dream states. the Clear Light inner radiance. (RY)