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lam + - treacherous paths. bar do'i + - perilous paths of the bardo [RY]

impasse; narrow confines/ defile [RB]

a footpath, dangerous defile, perilous journey, precipitous path, ambush, passage, dangerous passage, a narrow defile; narrow passage, difficult way, a ravine' to proceed to/ a trail/ a narrow passage thru a gorge/ a narrow defile; narrow defile/ precipice. dangerous, treacherous, adventurous, hazardous, risky, unsafe, chancy, venturous [RY]

(narrow, dangerous, -) passage, difficult to pass, dangerous, defile, precipitous path, ambush [JV]

narrow path [on a cliff or in a ravine] dangerous defile, ambush, dangerous passage, perilous journey, dangerous place (eg top of a precipice up high, from which there is a danger of falling; or at the bottom of that, where there is the danger of something falling on you; a rickety bridge; rapids on 1 side] [IW]

perilous path; x bar do'i 'phrang ring gi mtha' la gcur as you are driven helplessly down the long and perilous path of the intermediate state [RY]

narrow path * dangerous defile/ passage/ place/ journey, ambush [IW]