'tsho ba

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ting nge 'dzin kyi zas kyis 'tsho ba byung ba - could subsist on samadhi as his only nourishment [RY]

sustenance, support, subsistence; 'tsho ba, 'tshos pa, 'tsho ba, 'tshos trans. v.; recover (from illness); one of the 'phags lam gyi yan lag brgyad the eightfold noble path; (p. bsos/sos f. gso) to graze, herd; nourishment; manner of earning his livelihood, to live, lively hood, to be alive, to live. to rear, nurture, guard Syn srung ba worldly living; intr. ft. of 'tsho ba; intr. 'tsho ba, 'tshos pa, 'tsho ba intr. v.; 1) substitute. 2) basic necessities. 3) to survive, to live, life, livelihood. 4) to rear, nurture, guard [sm. srung ba 5) nourishment; ft. of 'tsho ba [RY]

1) nurture, rear, nourishment, look after; 2) guard; 3) live, stay/ be alive], life, living; 4) [manner of] livelihood, survival; 5) basic necessities; 6) substitute; 7) cure, ease [IW]

sustenance [RY]

recovery; x nan tan nyams su len pa ni nad nye bar 'tsho ba'i 'du shes bskyed par bya'o you should think of diligent practice as the way to recovery [RY]

nourishment [IW]

livelihood [RB]

life, live, living, be alive, keep alive, livelihood, feed, last, be durable, graze, nourish, heal, cure, sustenance, support, maintenance, subsist, survive, 1 of lam yan lag brgyad, livelihood, subsistence [JV]