'tsho ba'i yo byad bcu gsum

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the 13 requisites of livelihood [for renunciate's physical livelihood, things properly given as clothing] [IW]

the 13 requisites of livlihood [for renunciates for physical livlihood, the extent of things properly given as clothing 1) snam sbyar bhikshu shirt; 2) upper robe/shawl,bla gos; 3) mthang gos?; 4) sham thabs, skirt;5) sham thabs kyi gzan; 6) rngul gzan, 7) rngul gzan gyi gzan, 8) gdong phyis, 9) rnag gzan, 10) gyan dgab, 11) skra bzed, 12) gding ba, 13) dbyar gyi gos ras chen.] [IW]

the 13 requisites of livlihood [for renunciates' physical livlihood, things properly given as clothing] [IW]