'tsho bcangs kyi sman

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the life-holding med.s [among the four med.s explained in the vinaya 'dul ba las bshad pa'i sman bzhi [, the med.s chiefly given to cure the assembly of illnesses, by the gelong who has them as long as life lasts, having been blessed by them capable of activity, known as med.s in the world; roots, trees, leaves and flowers, and fruits: shu dag etc. root med.s, sandalwood and so forth medicinal trees, ba sha ka etc. leaf med.s, padma'i ze ba etc. flower med.s, aa bar sogs fruit med.s etc.] [IW]

the life-holding medicines [among the four medicines explained in the vinaya 'dul ba las bshad pa'i sman bzhi [IW]

the life-holding medicines [IW]