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dag snang


Pure visions. The transmission within the pure experience of a master from another enlightened being. One of the six or nine lineages of the Nyingma School. (RY)

pure vision/ outlook/ view. (RB)

1) pure perception, sacred outlook; perceiving everything as good, pure outlook, pure view, to see as pure. 2) vision; pure vision. Ex. kun la dag snang sbyong ba to regard everything with pure perception. (RY)

pure vision which comes through dreams and visions, symbol awareness, visionary, instructions passed on by manifestations of gurus and tutelaries in visions, sacred outlook, pure vision, pure vision, see also snang gsum, pure perception, sacred outlook. (JV)

perceiving everything as good, pure perception, sacred outlook, vision (snang srid snod bcud thams cad dag pa'i zhing du snang ba ste sku dang ye shes kyi rol bar snang ba). (IW)

perceiving everything as good, seeing the good side of everything, pure perception, sacred outlook, vision. (IW)

pure perception. The Vajrayana principle of regarding the environment as a buddhafield, self and others as deities, sounds as mantras, and thoughts as the display of wisdom. (RY)