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(pure realm of) Manifest Joy/ Abhirati [RB]

mythological garden, a world, section of dga' ldan monastery, merchant's son who was devoted to buddha, truly joyous realm [JV]

1) Abhirati, profound joy, the Buddhafield of Akshobhya. 2) realm of True Joy, to take delight / pleasure in. Syn mngon par dga' ba [RY]

1) great joy, take delight / pleasure in; 2) Abhirati [realm of true joy, profound / true joy, E buddha field of Akshobya E sangs rgyas mi 'khrugs pa's buddha field) [IW]

1) great joy, take delight/ pleasure in; 2) Abhirati; 3) section of shar rtse monastic college at Ganden; 4) name of a merchant's son devoted to B) [IW]