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appearance, phenomena, sight, vision, experience, light, illumination, daylight; thought, feeling, interest [RY]

ltogs skom gyi snang ba mi 'byung ba - without feeling hunger or thirst [RY]

sensory appearance; apparent phenomenon; perceived experience; apparent manifestation; vision (as in snang ba bzhi); illumination; to appear/ become apparent/ be evident/ manifest; to appear/ seem to (be) . . . ; (to give an) impression/ appearance (of); to take form; perceptions; isc. experience; isc. presence; isc. (enlightened) perspective (as is ye shes kyi snang ba or rig pa'i snang ba or chos sku'i snang ba) [RB]

appearance, intuitional meaning, [intuitive] ideation, ideational meaning [RY]

abhasa, form, phenomenality, appearance, presentation, apparent, light, presence, impression, material vision, daylight, karmic vision, arise, make its presence felt, to appear, to manifest, what appears, experience, that which is experienced, that which is directly experienced, how things appear, to make itself felt, brightness, lustre, glare, objective appearance, thing seen, apparition, visual seeing, one's sight, faculty of vision, thought, idea, notion, conception, attainments, intellectual illumination, emit light, shine, be bright, be seen, be perceived, show oneself, apparent, conscious, regard, seem, visualization, how things appear, vision, manifestation, apparent phenomena, phenomena, perceptions, perceptual experience, displays, perceptions [JV]

Syn. blo; snang ba chos la 'gyur ba - turn toward the Dharma; their minds became imbued with the spirit of the teachings [RY]

snang yul - sensory appearances in general and your individual perception of sense objects [RB]

unveils [RY]

snang ba, (intr. v.) 1) to appear, become apparent, be evident, visible, manifest, present itself, come to light. 2) apparent, seem to be, come to one's notice. 3) appearance, phenomena, manifestation, apparent phenomenon / manifestation. 4) vision [as in snang ba bzhi, sight.5) experience, perception, impression, feeling, sensation, percept, that which is experienced. 6) thought, feeling, interest, idea, outlook. 7) to illuminate, emit light, shine, be bright, fill with light, enlighten. 8) light, illumination, daylight, splendor [RY]

Appearances (snang ba) : the world of outer phenomena. Although these phenomena seems to have a true reality, their ultimate nature is emptiness. The gradual transformation of our way to perceive and understand these phenomena correspond to the various levels of the path to enlightenment. [MR]

Phenomena (snang ba): what appears to the mind, through sensory perceptions and mental events. [MR]