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four means of attraction, Four Means of Conversion, four ways of gathering beings, four ways of gathering, four means of positively influencing others. Four ways to benefit others (giving, using meaningfully pleasing speech using oneself acc. to Dharma custom and inspiring others through the speech of meaningful dharma practice); Four means of magnetizing. the 4 attracting things 1) generosity. 2) pleasing speech 3) meaningful conduct 4) accordant meaning. the four means of attraction, magnetizing, gathering, sbyin pa, snyan par smra ba, don spyod pa, don mthun pa. the four ways of winning devotees. Attractions, four samgraha, Means of Attraction, samgraha-vastu. Giving, pleasant speech, helping, and consistency [RY]

four means of magnetizing/ attraction and gathering/ ways of winning devotees :* [IW]

Four means of magnetizing. Being generous, uttering kind words, giving appropriate teachings and keeping consistency between words and actions. Generosity, pleasing speech, appropriate teachings and consistency in behavior [RY]

Four means of magnetizing/attraction and gathering/ ways of winning devotees :[1) sbyin pa, 2) snyan par smra ba, 3) don spyod pa, 4) don mthun pa generosity, pleasing speech, meaningful conduct, accordent meaning] OR more fully 1) chos dang zang zing gi sbyin pa gtong ba dang, 2) gtam snyan par smra ba, 3) don spyod pa'am gdul bya'i 'dod don dang mthun par spyod pa, 4) don mthun pa'am gtul bya'i bya spyod la bstun nas bsgrub pa] [IW]

the Four Means of Gathering Disciples don spyod pa, don mthun pa, bdog pa sbyin pa, snyan par smra ba giving, kind words, consistency between words and deeds, and helpfulness [RY]