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quality, signs, qualification, (simple, identifiable) characteristic (sound while bkra ba is the melody), distractions, semantic distinctions, SA bkra ba, mere semantic, symptom, fixation, omen, gender, SA mtshan, symbolic, distinguishing mark, conceptual characteristics, conceptual characteristics [JV]

symptom, quality, "mark" or "sign" (in more philosophical contexts); marks, signs, symptoms/ shapes, peculiarities; mark, distinguishing mark, [nimitta]; (ordinary) defining characteristic; indication; 1) quality. 2) sign, marks, identifiable attributes, characteristic, designation, symbol 3) symbolic, symbolically. 4) omen. 5) symptom. 6) adornment. 7) mark of existence, characteristics of substantiality, signs of own-being [Syn. ?? mtshan 8) conceptual reality [RY]

, mark, sign, symbol[ic[ally] (H) name, epithet, appellation, title, reference, sex, gender, night, be marked quality, identifiable attributes, characteristic [of substantiality], designation, omen, symptom, adornment, mark of existence, signs of own-being, conceptual reality [IW]

distinguishing mark; (ordinary) characteristic; indication (of successful spiritual practice); isc. ordinary distinction [RB]

defining characteristics [RY]

attributes, features, characteristics [RY]