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bhagavan, lord, buddha, the victorious, blessed one, exalted one, victoriously transcendent, bcom (conquering 4 maras of organismic being, emotionality, overvalued ideas, and death), ldan (dag pa gnyis, possession of transcendent awareness), 'das (can't be put into a conceptual framework, passage beyond the turmoil), bhagavat (victorious, virtuous and transcendent), victorious one, epithet for shakyamuni [JV]

transcendent accomplished conqueror/ "Blessed One" [usual renderning in Western translations, esp.from sutra tradition] [RB]

transcendent perfect conqueror [RY]

the Bhagavan [RY]

Bhagavan, Bhagavat, blessed, Buddha [who has conquered the four Maras = obscurations, possesses the six good qualities legs pa'i yon tan drug, and has passed beyond suffering into nirvana/ beyond the extremes of samsara and nirvana] [IW]

[bhagavan, bhagavati], victorious, Blessed One, "Transcendent-Victor," illuminated conqueror, illuminated subduer [RY]

The Perfect Free Conqueror, Blessed One, Buddha, Illuminated Conqueror, Subduer, Supramundane Victor; the Lord; transcendent accomplished conqueror; [Bhagavan, bhagavati], victorious, Transcendent-Victor, illuminated subduer, Bhagavan, Transcendent Lord. Lit. one who has subdued obscurations [bcom], possesses the enlightened attributes [ldan], and has passed into nirvana ['das]. Bhagavan, the Victorious, Virtuous, and Transcendent', the Buddha, blessed, World Honored One, supramundane, the Bhagavat [RY]

Bhagavat[i], Blessed 1 [IW]

Bhagavan, Bhagavat, blessed, Buddha [IW]

Bhagavat, the "transcendent, endowed victor," an epithet of the Buddha [RY]

The Bhagavān ('Sublime Master', 'Blessed One', 'World Honored One', etc.), a very common epithet for the Buddha Śākyamuni in particular, as well as for other Buddhas. Often used in the combination 'Buddha Bhagavān' (sangs rgyas bcom ldan 'das). Mahāvyutpatti: भगवान् ॥ bhagavānbcom ldan 'das ॥ བཅོམ་ལྡན་འདས་ [Erick Tsiknopoulos]