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EPK: Could we possibly have some discussion of suitable English translations?

Erik PK: Kunu Rinpoche Tendzin Gyaltsen, who was an Indian and educated in Sanskrit, once told Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche that Bhagavan (bcom ldan 'das) has a different connotation and explanation when used in the Buddhist context compared to the Hindu context, where bcom ldan would have been a sufficient translation.

CJD: I'm no sanskrit expert, but it seems that the original sanskrit was simpler than the 3 aspects contained in the tibetan translation. According to monier williams, bhagavat means 1) glorious, illustrious, divine, adorable, or venerable; 2) holy (when applied to gods or saints)...there are other definitions, but these two seem the most relevant. With this in mind "Blessed One" doesn't seem to far off the mark.