Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche

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Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche

Short Biography[edit]

H. E. Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche (1930-2002), belongs to the last generation of teachers to have been fully trained in Tibet in the vast wealth of Vajrayana teachings and methods. He held superb teaching lineages, primarily in the Nyingma tradition of Tibetan Vajrayana, which he taught unceasingly throughout his life. The main emphasis in whatever he taught was pure motivation.

After the Communist conquest of Tibet in 1959, Rinpoche went into exile in India and Nepal. During the next twenty years, in various refugee camps and settlements, Rinpoche served as lama who administered to the refugees’ spiritual needs, as a camp leader who organized work projects, and as a physician Tibetan medicine.

Rinpoche traveled to the United States in 1979. The combination of his warm personality, his depth of knowledge, and his meditative realization magnetized thousands of students. His tireless teachings led him to Europe, Russia, Korea, Hong Kong, Australia, and South America. He resettled in Brazil in 1995 after successfully establishing numerous centers and meditation groups in the United States and other places. In order to maintain his lineage teachings, he ordained a number of his Western students as teachers and gave them specific authorizations to teach.

Rinpoche’s work is maintained by Chagdud Gonpa Foundation in North America, by Chagdud Gonpa Brasil, and by Chagdud Gonpa Hispanoamerica in Spanish-speaking Latin America. The Mahakaruna Foundation administers support for Chagdud Gonpa and associated monasteries in Tibet and Nepal.

Main Teachers[edit]

Main Students[edit]

Main Lineage[edit]

Others Resources[edit]


  • Jewels of the Heart Series:
  • The Buddhist Path: A Brief Overview
  • Meeting Anger with Compassion
  • Marriage
  • Parenting
  • Thirty-Seven Points of Practice
  • Mirror of Freedom Series:
  • Reflections on Inner Peace
  • Practice Questions: Part One
  • Practice Questions: Part Two
  • The Meaning of Sangha
  • Gates to Buddhist Practice: Essential Teachings of a Tibetan Master. H.E. Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche(Author); Paperback: 285 pages; Publisher: Padma Publishing; Revised edition (September 17, 2001). (ISBN 1881847314).
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  • P'howa Commentary. Chagdud Khadro. Paperback: 112 pages; Publisher: Pilgrims Publishing,India (April 15, 2004); (ISBN 8177690973).
  • Red Tara Commentary . Chagdud Khadro. Paperback: 85 pages; Publisher: Pilgrims Publishing,India (April 30, 2004). (ISBN 8177690981).

Teachers and Centers carrying on the Work of H.E. Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche[edit]

Rigdzin Ling

Lama Drimed Norbu
P.O. Box 279
Junction City, CA 96048
Ph: (530) 623-2714;
Fax: (530) 623-6709

Ati Ling / Padmasambhava Peace Institute

Jigme Tromge Rinpoche
23125 Fort Ross Rd.
Cazadero, CA 95421
Ph: (707) 824-0291--CGF events
(707) 623-5629--PPI

T'hondup Ling

Lama Chödak Gyatso Nubpa
P.O. Box 292499
Los Angeles, CA 90029
Ph: (323) 953-0755

Phuntsog Ling

c/o Sylvia Salazar
Santa Barbara, CA
Ph: (805) 569-0766

Yeshe Ling

Northern San Francisco Bay Area
Ph: (707) 963-8340

Chhö Khor Ling

c/o Sue Hubbard
Arcata, CA
Ph: (707) 445-8248

Padma Ling

Lama Inge Zangmo
1014 W Seventh Ave.
Spokane, WA 99204
Ph: (509) 747-1559


Lama Padma Gyatso
2223 N.E. 137th Street
Seattle, WA 98125
Ph: (206) 368-7974

Minjur Ling

Ashland, OR
Ph: (541) 201-0096

Dechhen Ling

Lama Trinley