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The name or rather the title Chatral/Chadrel Rinpoche is one you could say of respect or recognition, and has been given many time to a great many different Lamas from all the major and minor lineages of Tibet. It's meaning is quite literally "Precious Hermit" or "Precious Ascetic", and as such is given as a sort of honorific nick-name, to those masters whom spend all their time in retreating in mountain hermitages.

Because of this you may find a search under this title to produce someone other than who your intending to look for. Thus here is a list of, broken into the two categorizes of modern and historical, figures known that are sometimes know by the name Chatral/Chadrel Rinpoche.



RY2003 listings are:
bya bral - 1) free from worldly action/ occupations; 2) non- action, renouncing; 3) night [IW]

bya bral - {bya ba dang bral ba} free of/ freedom from/ beyond anything (more) to be done; in which/ the fact that nothing need be done; (to be) such that nothing need be done; that which does not require that anything be done [RB]

bya bral - non-action, renouncing, free from work, cessation from work, beyond action, free of any deliberate action, non-action, free of anything needing to be done, without being conditioned by actions [JV]

bya bral - nonaction, renouncing; free of occupations; free of any deliberate action; renunciate; (one who has) transcended anything more to be done; free of anything to be done; effortlessness [RY]

bya bral klong gi sde - the Space Section of Nondoing; see {klong sde} [RY]

bya bral chos - the teaching of non-action [JV]

bya bral rnams la klong sde - effortlessness [IW]

bya bral pa - one free from business, ascetic [JV]

bya bral pa - an ascetic [RY]

bya bral ba - ascetic, renunciant, vagabond, [Syn. ku su lu] [RY]

bya bral ba - (one who has) transcended anything (more) to be done; mendicant [RB]

bya bral ba - yogin abandoning worldly action, ascetic, renunciant, vagabond, ku su lu [IW]

bya bral ba - renunciate [RY]