Chinese and Mongolian titles of nobility

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According to the Annals of Kokonor [see Bibliography to The Life of Shabkar by Matthieu Ricard- (ISBN 1-55939-154-5)], Chingwang is Prince of the First Order; Jun Wang, Prince of the Second Order; Pile (in Chinese, Pei-le), Prince of the Third Order; Bise, or Be sim (in Chinese, Pei tzu), Prince of the Fourth Order; Gung or Kung, Imperial Duke. T'ai chi is the lowest order of Mongolian nobility. A Jasag, pronounced by Tibetans dzasa (dza sag, or ja sag, in Chinese cha sa k'e), is the chieftain of a Mongolian "banner," or district (see Appendix 3). A Jasag could hold any of the above ranks or titles (from Chingwang to Gung). This title was also given to Tibetan notables by Mongol invaders. The banner system of the Mongols in Kokonor was established by an imperial edict after Lobzang Tendzin's rebellion in 1724. [MR-ShabkarNotes]