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Chuwori, seat of Tangtong Gyalpo, in ܠ (RY)

The cave named Namkha Dingphuk at Chuwori

chu bo ri mt [one of the bod kyi ri chen bzhi, snow mt in gong dkar rdzong, ri ldebs su 108 springs and khyad chos mang po yod par, once by the mahasiddha thang stong rgyal po ri gsham gyi gtsang chur building an iron bridge, called lcags zam chu bo ri, and the monastery there founded lcags zam dgon pa].(IW)

chu bo ri mt. (IW)

a monastery near Lhasa. ([JV]])

Yarlha Shampo — yar lha sham po

Deity riding a white yak, oath-bound by Padmasambhava. Also refers to a mountain in the Yarlung valley of Central Tibet, where the first king of Tibet is said to have descended from the sky. [AJP] from The Great Image; ISBN 1-59030-069-6

The four grand snow mountains of Tibet are:

The eight great caves are:

The renowned four lakes are:

The five lands are, according to the Chronicles of Padma:

The three valleys are, again, according to the Chronicles of Padma:

  • To the southwest is the secret land of the Dremo Valley [Sikkim].
  • To the northwest is the secret land of the Khenpa Valley.
  • To the northeast is the secret land of the Lungsum Valley.

About the secret countries and great districts, the Chronicles of Padma further say:

  • To the southeast is the secret country of Padma Ling.

This and the others are the great districts. The other districts I have not been able to identify from any reliable source, so please include these here as these become established. Thank you. (JOKYAB)