Creating A New Page

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Creating a new page is easy:

  • When editing, if double brackets "[[ ]]" are placed around a word or phrase a new page will automatically be created for that term. Or, if a page already exists, it will link to the pre-existing page.
  • If you would like to create a new page now:
    • Click on the edit tab at the top of this page.
    • Replace the text between the following brackets with the page you want to create.
    • Press Save Page at the bottom of your screen.


  • Your page is now created. Follow the link you created and you will be brought to the new page. If it is empty, you can add information in the editing box. If the page already exists, press the edit tab to revise or add info.

Thing to Keep in Mind

  • Caps Matter - Our standard is to use caps for the first letter in every word of a title page "The Nyingma Lineage," for example.
  • Categories are crucial - Every time a category link is created at the bottom of a page, it is automatically added to that particular category listing, making it easy for others to find. Multiple categories can be added for a single page.
  • To add a category link:
    • Go to your page and press edit
    • At the bottom of the page type "[[]]" and between the brackets type "Category:The Name Of The Page"...then save.
    • To see the actual formatting press edit above and then scroll down to see the formatting for the following category listing:


  • If you want to create a page "from nowhere", just type the exact words into the Search Box and hit GO. Since the page doesn't exist the seach comes up empty, but you are given the option to create a new page with that name. Voila! [epk]