dam tshig skong ba'i rgyun bshags

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Daily Confession for Mending Samayas. [RY]

...from The Lotus-Born, pgs. 134-135:

Master Padmasambhava replied to King Trisong Deutsen: "Your Majesty, as you are a sentient being you will give rise to conceptual thinking, but that itself is not breaking the sacred commitment (samaya). Since we are yogis, this is nothing to be upset about. King, apply the View and Meditation as your confession! Do not harbor defilement of concepts in your mind! Most importantly, practice the ten virtues which effortlessly forsake the ten nonvirtues, be in accord with Dharma in whatever you do, govern the land with law of Dharma, and do not follow the advice of evil ministers. Doubt is the enemy of Dharma, so practice free from doubt."

Having spoken in this way, Master Padma gave the king the "Ocean of Cleansing Sacred Commitment", the Hundred Syllables of Vajrasattva, the Hundred Syllables of the Herukas, and the Hundred Syllables of the Tathagatas, with their respective sadhanas, as the Daily Confession for Mending Samayas.