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chos skyong - Dharma protector. Nonhumans who vow to protect and guard the teachings of the Buddha and its followers. Dharma protectors can be either 'mundane' (virtuous samsaric beings) or 'wisdom Dharma protectors' (emanations of buddhas or bodhisattvas) [RY]

chos skyong - 1) Dharmapalas, Dharma protector, protectors of the Dharma, protective deity, guardians of the Dharma, protectors of the Buddhist teachings. 2) Dharma ruler; guardian of the teachings, defender of the faith, to protect by justice or as Dharma, protector, Dharmaraja, defender of Dharma; 3) oracle [RY]

chos skyong bskang gso - rituals of repair and fulfillment for the Dharma protectors [RY]

chos skyong khang - Dharma protector temple [RY]