Dorje Drag lineage

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(rdo rje brag) Monastery: 1) Rigdzin Gödem - (rig 'dzin rgod kyi ldem phru can), alias Ngodrup Gyaltsen - (dngos grub rgyal mtshan), 1337-1408. 2) Ngari Penchen Pema Wangyal (1487-1542), who first identified this site as Dorje Drag. It is called this because of a round stone present here with a blue crossed-vajra on it, and this is according to Guru Rinpoche's predictions. By spending one night on the site his life was extended by 12 years. He gave the name of E-wam Chog Gar (e wam lcog sgar) to the site. 3) Dordrag Rigdzin II Legden Dorje, younger brother of Ngari Penchen, and like him a Tertön, was the second Gödem (Rigdzin II). Together with Changdag Tashi Topgyal, who was the reincarnation of Ngari Penchen, he established the Thekchog Ling Monastery. 4) Rigdzin III was Dordrag Rigdzin III, Ngagi Wangpo; (1580-1639), son and disciple of Tashi Topgyal, vastly extended Dorje Drag and was the first Rigdzin (rig 'dzin) to occupy this throne.

His disciple Yolmo Tendzin Norbu, (3rd incarnation of Yolmo Shakya Sangpo), who ruled the monastery after the Rigdzin passed away and recognized Rigdzin IV. 5) Rigdzin IV, the famed scholar saint Dordrag Rigdzin IV Pema Trinley (1641-1718) disciple of the 5th Dalai Lama, Zurchen Choying Rangdrol, Sönam Chöden, Lhatsün Namkha Jigme, and of Minling Terchen, wrote 13 Volumes of essential commentaries. He then fell to the Jonggar invaders. 6) Dordrag Rigdzin V Kalsang Pema Wangchuk (see Dorje Drak);. He is said to have been a centenary, and had a great activity. 7) Dordrag Rigdzin VI Kunsang Gyurme Lhündrub;, an accomplished teacher, who did not live long. 8) Dordrag Rigdzin VII Ngawang Jampel Mingyur Lhündrub Dorje, became very learned but passed away at the age of 25. 9)Dordrag Rigdzin VIII Kalsang Pema Wangyal, an accomplished teacher who demonstrated many miracles. (RY)

10) Dordrag Rigdzin IX Thubten Chöwang Namnyi Dorje (1884-1932), went to Kham and had many disciples. 11) Dordrag Rigdzin X Jetsün Thubten Jigme Namdrol Gyatso (1936-), disciple of 'go tsha mkhan chen theg mchog bstan 'dzin, Minling Khen Rinpoche and H.H. Dudjom Rinpoche. (These few details were taken from the bod yul gangs can gyi ljongs su snga 'gyur bka' gter gyi chos brgyud 'dzin pa'i gdan sa chen po thub bstan rdo rje brag e wam lcog sgar ba'i chos brgyud dang gdan rabs bcas kyi lo rgyus mdor bsdus) by Taklung Tsetrul Rinpoche. (MR)