Dromton Gyalwe Jungney

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Dromton Gyalwe Jungney ('brom ston pa rgyal ba'i 'byung gnas) [1005-1064].

Dromtönpa was a heart son of the great Indian master, Atisha and the founder of Reding Monastery in central Tibet. He was born in western Tibet in 1005 and was named Chöphel. At an early age, he studied with Geshe Yung Chögon and later received the upasaka vow from Nanam Wangchuk Dorje, who conferred the name, Gyalwe Jungney. He studied the Madhyamaka philosophy, tantras, and other teachings from Khenpo Setsun. He studied Sanskrit with the great Indian master, Smritijnana. At the age of thirty, he met Atisha in Western Tibet and became his student. At the age of fifty-four, he founded Reding Monastery. He built the stupa for the relics of Atisha when he passed away, and the students of Atisha continued to study and practice under Dromtönpa. He became the main lineage holder of the Kadampa tradition of the Atisha. He composed many texts and passed away in 1064.