Drubwang Tsoknyi Pema Drime Ozer

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grub dbang tshogs gnyis pad ma dri med 'od zer

Short biography

  • ( b. 1828 ) H.E. the first Drubwang Tsoknyi Rinpoche was born in Nangchen, Kham, Tibet, in the 19th century and was a contemporary and close associate of the three great Lamas of the period, The Choling Terton, Jamyang Khentse Wangpo and Jamgon Kongtrul Rinpoches.He was very advanced in the practice of Naropa's six yoga's and was the teacher to the 7th Kamtrul Rinpoche, Tenpai Nyima for the practices of Naropa. Rinpoche also practiced the Nyingma tradition of Ratna Lingpa, as well as his own Nyingma practices. He established many Dharma centers in Tibet. One of the biggest nunneries then had 500 nuns." [1]

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