Eight charnel grounds

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Eight charnel grounds (dur khrod brgyad):

  1. Cool Grove, Sitavana (bsil ba tshal), in the east.
  2. Perfected in Body (sku la rdzogs) to the south.
  3. Lotus Mound (padma brtsegs) to the west.
  4. Langka Mound (lang ka brtsegs) to the north.
  5. Spontaneously Accomplished Mound (lhun grub brtsegs) to the south-east.
  6. Display of Great Secret (gsang chen rol pa) to the south-west.
  7. Pervasive Great Joy (he chen brdal ba) to the north-west.
  8. World Mound ('jig rten brtsegs) to the north-east.

There are also numerous other lists of charnel grounds.