Eight conditions that limit one's natural potential to attain freedom

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ris chad blo yi mi khom rnam pa brgyad

(1) To be fettered by one's family, wealth and occupations so that one does not have the leisure to practice the dharma.
(2) To have a wicked nature that leads to extremely bad conduct, so that even when one meets a spiritual teacher it is very hard for one to turn one's mind to the dharma.
(3) To have no fear of the suffering of samsara and therefore no feeling of renunciation or no weariness at all of samsara.
(4) To lack the jewel of faith and therefore have no inclination whatsoever to meet a spiritual teacher and enter the threshold of the teachings.
(5) To delight in negative actions and have no compunction about them, thus turning one's back to the dharma.
(6) To have no more interest in the dharma than a dog for grass and therefore to be unable to develop any positive quality.
(7) To have spoiled one's vows and mahayana precepts, and therefore to be doomed to the lower realms of existence where there is no leisure to practice the dharma.
(8) Having entered the extraordinary path of the vajrayana, to have broken one's samaya with one's teacher and vajra brothers and sisters, and thus have no chance of achieving any realization. [MR]