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Eighteen Marvels of Mind (sems smad bco brgyad). [RY]

The Root Cycle of the Unconstructed Expanse of the Great Perfection (spros pa med pa'i klong rtsa ba'i skor) comprises the Eighteen Marvels of Mind:

  1. Great Space (nam mkha' che),
  2. Cuckoo of Awareness (rig pa khu byug),
  3. Great Soaring Garuda (khyung chen lding ba),
  4. Revealing Great Strength (rtsal chen sprug pa),
  5. Sixfold Meditation (sgom nyams drug pa),
  6. Spontaneous Summit (rtse mo byung rgyal),
  7. Sky King (nam mkha' rgyal po),
  8. Jewel Studded Bliss (bde ba phra bkod),
  9. Perfect Comprehension (rdzogs pa chig chod), (rdzogs pa spyi gcod),
  10. Assemblage of Vidyadharas (rig 'dzin kun 'dus), / Assemblage of Precious Gemstones,
  11. Wheel of Life-Force (srog gi 'khor lo),
  12. Awakened Mind (byang chub sems rig), / Nonarising Natural Mind,
  13. All-Encompassing Bliss (bde ba rab 'byams),
  14. Framework of Existence (srid pa'i spyi chings),
  15. Sublime King Scripture (rje btsan dam pa),
  16. Wishfulfilling Jewel of Awakened Mind (yid bzhin nor bu), (byang sems yid bzhin nor bu)
  17. Sphere of Immensity (thig le klong yangs),
  18. and Pure Golden Ore (rdo la gser zhun).

From Wellsprings, quoting the Golden Garland Chronicles. EPK

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