Eighty Inherent Thought States

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Eighty inherent thought states. (a) 33 resulting from anger, (b) 40 from desire and (c) 7 from delusion.

(a) First, the thirty-three thought states resulting from anger, according to the spyod bsdus composed by Aryadeva, are: detachment, medium detachment, intense detachment, inner mental going, and coming, sadness, medium sadness, intense sadness, quietude, conceptualization, fear, medium fear, intense fear, craving, medium craving, intense craving, grasping, nonvirtue, hunger, thirst, sensation, medium sensation, intense sensation, cognizing, cognizance, perception-basis, discrimination, conscience, compassion, love, medium love, intense love, apprehensiveness, attraction, and jealousy.

(b) Secondly, the forty thought states of desire according to the spyod bsdus are: attachment, lack of clarity, thorough lust, delight, medium delight, intense delight, rejoicing, strong joy, amazement, laughter, satisfaction, embracing, kissing, clasping, supporting, exertion, pride, engagement, helpfulness, strength, joy, joining in bliss, medium joining in bliss, intense joining in bliss, gracefulness, strong flirtation, hostility, virtue, lucidity, truth, nontruth, ascertainment, grasping, generosity, encouragement, bravery, shamelessness, perkiness, viciousness, unruliness, and strong deceitfulness.

(c) The seven thought states of delusion are, again according to the spyod bsdus: medium desire, forgetfulness, confusion, speechlessness, weariness, laziness, and doubt [RY]