Enlightened Beings

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dag pa chos nyid kyi bar do - the pure bardo of dharmata [experienced by enlightened beings] [RY]

gdung - beam, pedigree, spiritual descent, bones, remains of deceased, person, family, descendants, 1 of 5 signs of attainment at death, pea-size white ones, colored pea-size to mustard-seed ones, large hard relics, exceptional remains of fully enlightened beings, funerary mounds, afflictions [JV]

ma dag pa 'khrul pa'i bar do - the impure confused bardo [experienced by unenlightened beings] [RY]

gzugs med kyi khams - Formless Realms. The abodes of unenlightened beings who have practiced formless meditative states, dwelling on the notions: Infinite Space, Infinite Consciousness, Nothing Whatsoever, and Neither Presence Nor Absence (of conception). These beings remain in these four subtle types of conceptual meditation for many aeons after which they again return to lower states within samsara [RY]

sems nyid - mind essence. The nature of one's mind which is taught to be identical with the essence of all enlightened beings, the sugatagarbha. It should be distinguished from 'mind' (sems) which refers to ordinary discursive thinking based on ignorance of the nature of thought [RY]