Form Realm

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dge chung - 1) Limited Beauty, Limited Virtue [first abode in {bsam gtan gsum pa}. 2) one of the 28 classes of gods of the {gzugs kyi khams} Form Realms [RY]

gzugs kyi khams - [rupa-dhatu]. 1) {gzugs khams}. 2) visible form element, as one of the eighteen elements; form realms, form-constituent, Heaven of the Form Realm [RY]

gzugs khams bcu bdun - the 17 Heavens of the Form Realm divided up into {bsam gtan bzhi} and {gnas gtsang ma'i lha} [RY]

gzugs khams pa - beings in the Form Realms [RY]

'og min pa - the Unsurpassed [in the Form Realms] [RY]

so skye'i gnas bcu gnyis - Twelve Ordinary Form Realms [RY]

lha gzugs khams gnas ris bcu bdun - Seventeen Form Realms. These are equivalent to the twelve ordinary form realms and the five pure abodes [RY]