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[[Image:|frame|]] གུ་རུ་ཇོ་འབེར
gu ru jo 'ber

Short biography

  • From the THDL's version: "Blue Annals English Translation Chapter 03", Pg.74

ix. jo ‘bar (Chengdu 242, R 195)
jo 'bar himself associated with his father ( the text has "uncle," but should read "father") till the age of 18, and listened to the complete precepts of the "Highest Hidden." From the age of 19, from the year Wood-Dog (shing khyi—1214 A.D.), till the age of twenty, he listened (to an exposition) of the three Tantras with precepts by the sa skya pan chen, and (to the exposition) of the Saṃvara Cycle according to the method of mal gyo. From chu mig pa he obtained the Nyāyasamuccaya (tshad ma bsdus pa ). When he was 22, he listened (to the exposition) of the precepts of the mahāsiddha Mitra jo gi (yogin) by khro phu lo tsa ba, and to the precepts of the "incomplete" Mahāmudrā (phyag rgya chen po kha 'thor) by the Nepālese grags pa ‘bum me. He completed his studies at the age of 36.

He did not relate most of his visions. [C:243] When he was making offerings to the lord of lha sa, he had a vision of Vajra­pāṇi and Avalokiteśvara inside a halo of light. One day, at dawn, he had a vision of Amitāyus inside a halo of light. He said: “This probably means that though my family was not long lived, I myself have lived long enough." He passed away in the Hare year ( this is the Iron-Hare-year /lcags yos/—1231 A.D. The re'u mig gives 1230 A.D. jo 'bad of the re'u mig should be corrected to jo 'bar) amidst extraordinary signs.

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