Gyalwe Lodro of Dré

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Gyalwey Lodro of Drey ('bre rgyal ba'i blo gros). Beginning as Gönpo, a trusted attendant of King Trisong Deutsen, he became one of the first Tibetans to take ordination, taking the name Gyalwey Lodrö, Victorious Intelligence. He became erudite in translation and attained accomplishment after receiving transmission from Hungkara in India. It is said that he visited the land of Yama, the Lord of the Dead, and saved his mother from the hell realms. After receiving teachings from Padmasambhava, he performed the feat of transforming a zombie into gold, some of which was later revealed in terma treasures. He achieved the vidyadhara level of longevity and is reputed to have lived until the era of Rongzom Pandita Chokyi Sangpo (rong zom chos kyi bzang po) (1012-1088), to whom he gave teachings.

Gyalwey Lodrö means 'Victorious wisdom.' Alt: Gyalwey Lodro of Dré