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shak pu tri - Shakputri. The son of King Jah and lineage holder of both Mahayoga and Anu Yoga. He is also known as Indrabhuti the Younger and Master Lawapa. (RY)

One of the Seven Sections of Accomplishment, which are seven scriptures composed by Indian mahasiddhas: Accomplishment of Secrets, written by Mahasuka Natha; the Accomplishment of Means and Knowledge written by Mahasuka Natha's disciple, Yenlak Meypey Dorje; Accomplishment of Wisdom, written by Yenlak Meypey Dorje's disciple Indrabhuti; Accomplishment of Nonduality, written by Indrabhuti's consort Lakshmikara; Accomplishment of the Innate, written by Dombi Heruka; Accomplishment of the Great Secret Thatness written by Darikapa; and Accomplishment of Thatness to Clearly Encompass Reality, written by Yogini Chito. (JOKYAB) (RY) from The Light of Wisdom, Vol. 1, pg. 218