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Jonang Foundation was organized for the purposes of preserving, documentating, revivifying, and transmitting the Jonang tradition; collecting, conserving, and diffusing Jonang art and literature; translating significant Jonang historical, philosophical, and contemplative literary works; developmenting educational institutions including schools, monasteries, retreat facilities, and library resource centers that support the Jonang; promoting the intellectual, creative and spiritual heritage of the Jonang through preserving, sustaining, and enlivening the distinctive Jonang Tibetan Buddhist tradition in contemporary contexts.

Jonang Foundation was incorporated in 2005 as a U.S. non-profit organization based in San Francisco, CA.

Projects hosted by Jonang Foundation include:

1) Jonang Art & Literature Collection, Jonang Foundation

2) Ngedon Thartuk Translation Committee, Jonang Foundation


Contact: Michael Sheehy,