Könchok Chidü

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Könchok Chidü
  • (dkon mchog spyi 'dus)

Könchok Chidü. The 'Embodiment of the Precious Ones.' A terma cycle revealed by the great Jatsön Nyingpo (1585-1656) focused on Padmasambhava. He transmitted this set of teachings first to Düdül Dorje (1615-1672). Large portions of this material are translated into English by Peter Roberts [RY]

The Essence of the Supreme Jewels, terma discovered by 'ja' tshon snying po (1585-1656), gter ma rediscovered by 'ja' tshon snying po alias 'phro gling pa (1585-1656) [JV]

K"nchok Chidu Embodiment of the Three Jewels [cycle of terma teachings revealed by {'ja' mtshon snying po} [IW]

The "condensed" practice, for daily recitation, revolves around the Peaceful guru, as yidam. However, there is a complete ngondro, as well as the various levels of practice involved with the three roots--though mainly one takes the Guru as Yidam, and progresses from outer practice, Guru Mebar (Peaceful Guru), through Inner practice, secret practice Sengdongma (Lion-Headed Dakini) and extremely secret practice Guru Drakpo (Wrathful Guru).Also in the sadhana that was written by Jamgon Kongtrul, vol. 12 Rinchen Terdzö, he added the Tsedrub (Long-life preactice) of Guru Pema Obar, which is a form of Guru Rinpoche manifesting as Amitayus (tshe dpag med).