Kriya Tantra

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kun rdzob dag pa'i lha rigs gsum - three relative families of pure deities [in Kriya Tantra). {de bzhin gshegs pa'i rigs, pad ma'i rigs, rdo rje'i rigs} [RY]

kri ya don gyi lha drug - six ultimate deities of Kriya Tantra [RY]

kri ya dpung bzang gi rgyud - Kriya Tantra of Eminent Courage [RY]

rgyud sde bzhi - Four sections of tantra. Kriya, Charya, Yoga, and Anuttara Yoga. four classes of tantra: bya rgyud, Kriya; spyod rgyud, Charya tantra; rnal 'byor rgyud, yoga tantra; bla med rnal 'byor rgyud, Anuttara Yoga tantra. Kriya Tantra, Ubhaya. or Charya Tantra, Yoga Tantra, and Unsurpassed Yoga Tantra. activity tantra, engagement tantra, yoga tantra, and highest yoga tantra [RY]

rgyud sde 'og ma gsum - Three Lower Sections of Tantra. Kriya Tantra {bya ba'i rgyud} Ubhaya. or Charya Tantra {u pa'i rgyud} or {spyod pa'i rgyud} and Yoga Tantra {rnal 'byor gyi rgyud} [RY]

phyi rgyud sde gsum - Three Outer Tantra Pitakas. Kriya Tantra, Ubhaya. or Charya Tantra, and Yoga Tantra. 1) {kri ya}. 2) {u pa'i rgyud - spyod rgyud} 3) {yo ga} the three outer tantras, [Kriya, Upa, yoga], [Syn. {dka' thub rigs byed kyi theg pa}; three outer tantras; three outer sections of tantra [RY]

phyi rgyud gsum - Three outer tantras. Kriya, Upa, and Yoga. The Kriya Tantras emphasize purification of body and speech through ritual and cleansing activities, establishing a relationship between the deity and the practitioner similar to the relationship of master and servant. Realization can be gained within sixteen human lifetimes [RY]

phyi thub pa rgyud kyi theg pa gsum - Three Vehicles of the Outer Tantras of Austere Awareness. Kriya Tantra, Ubhaya. or Charya tantra, and Yoga Tantra vehicles [RY]

bya rgyud dam tshig gsum bkod - Kriya Tantra, The Arrangement of the Three Samayas [RY]

bya ba rgyud - Kriya Tantra; also {bya rgyud}, {bya ba'i rgyud} [RY]

bya ba rgyud kyi theg pa - the vehicle of Kriya Tantra / action tantra, [RY]

bya ba'i rgyud - Kriya Tantra; Action Tantra; Kriya tantra/ tantra of action; Kriya tantra; ex. six activities of Kriya tantra {bya ba drug} [RY]

bya ba'i rnal 'byor - Kriya Yoga. The first of the three outer tantras which places emphasis on cleanliness and pure conduct. The scriptures of Kriya Tantra appeared first in Varanasi [RY]

dmigs pa gsum - in Kriya Tantra, the threefold focus, {sku gzugs brnyan la dmigs pa, gsung yig 'bru la dmigs pa, thugs phyag mtshan la dmigs pa} [RY]