Kusum Lingpa Rinpoche

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His Holiness Orgyen Kusum Lingpa is a pre-eminent Dzogchen teacher and Nyingma lineage holder. He is known as one of the greatest living tertons (treasure revealers) in the world today, having revealed the 3 classes of terma; those received directly from the mind, "crazy" termas which can manifest in the yogi as unconventional behavior, and secret termas which can only be revealed by one who is the owner of all 18 families of terma. His Holiness has been recognized as the incarnation of the Mahasiddha Drilbupa and of Lha-lung Pelgyi Dorje. His title, Kusum Lingpa means "Treasure Revealer of the Three Kayas."

Concerning his life work, His Holiness said recently: "Much earlier in my life, I made a pilgrimage to Samye. There, due to the good karma and auspicious coincidence in conjunction with the needs of these times, I saw all my past and future lives. I recalled all the teachings I had received directly from Guru Rinpoche when I was his disciple, and I saw all the hardships and difficulties of the time in which I am now living. This made it possible for me to reveal those teachings which are of particular benefit now, in this time of terrible suffering."

"His Holiness is a force of nature, a living repository of Tibet's most exalted spiritual traditions... He is not to be missed!"