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Labchi (la phyi)

gangs dkar ti se - The White Snow Mountain, Kangkar Tisey, Mt. Kailash (lit. Silver Mountain), is one of the world's great holy mountains, sacred to Hindus and Buddhists alike. It is one of the so-called "Three Holy Places of Tibet," associated with the body, speech, and mind aspects of Chakrasamvara and Vajra Varahi. The other two are Labchi (la phyi) and Tsari (tsa ri). These three are also listed among the "twenty-four sacred places" (Skt. pitha) of the world, Kailash being identified as Himavat, Labchi as Godavari, and Tsari as both Charitra and Devikoti. There are several descriptions of and guides to Mt. Kailash, including one written by Könchok Tendzin Chökyi Lodrö, the sixth Drigung Chungtsang ('bri gung chung tshang dkon mchog bstan 'dzin chos kyi blo gros, 1829-1906), and a recent one composed by Chöying Dorje (1990). [MR] [RY]

dge bshes dpal grags - 12th-13th century - Geshe Paldrak, at Labchi [RY]

'gro phan - Dropen, at Labchi [RY]

cig char - also spelled cig car - Chikchar, at Labchi [RY]

chos 'byung ma thang - Lower Triangular Plain, at Labchi [RY]

chos ra dge 'phel gling - Chöra Gephel Ling, at Labchi [RY]

bdud 'dul phug - Düdül Phuk, at Labchi. Cave of the Subjugation of Mara [RY]

rdo rje ra ba - Dorje Rawa, at Labchi. See Adamantine Rampart [RY]

byang chub me tog - Jangchub Metok, at Labchi [RY]

sbas pa - Bepa, Hidden Cave, cave at Labchi [RY]

sbas pa kun gsal - Revelation of All Secrets, Bepa Künsel, cave at Labchi [RY]

sbas ba - Hidden One, cave at Labchi [RY]

ze phug - Zephuk, at Labchi. See Cave: Crest [RY]

ze phug - Crest Cave, at Labchi [RY]

la phyi - Labchi [RY]

lung bstan tshal chen phug - Prophesied Cave of the Great Forest, at Labchi [RY]

lung bstan tshal chen phug - Lungten Tselchen Phuk, at Labchi. See Prophesied Cave of the Great Forest [RY]