Lama Rinchen

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== Lama Rinchen (Waldemar Zych) has been a disciple of the Venerable Tenga Rinpoche for many years. The Rinpoche has appointed him the president of the Karma Kamtzang Association in Poland, and has made him a lama-resident of the Center in Grabnik, which is a Polish branch of the Benchen monastery. Lama Rinchen has been practicing Buddhism for thirty years. He has traveled extensively to Western Europe and Asia to study the teachings and practice in Buddhist centers. Under the direction of Tenga Rinpoche he spent over four years in a meditation retreat. He was a monk for ten years. Lama Rinchen has been a Buddhist teacher for many years. In the Center in Grabnik he regularly leads meditation courses and classic texts studies. He is also invited to give lectures in the centre in Warsaw and other centres in Poland, and regularly teaches in Kagyu centres abroad. He is authorized to conduct the Refuge ceremony and empowerments to the basic Vajrayana practices. == []