Buddha Amitabha

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rgyal ba 'od dpag med - Buddha Amitabha [RY]

chos sku rin po che - Chöku Rinpoche; a precious white statue of Buddha Amitabha. It is one of the five image- emanations of Avalokiteshvara that originated miraculously from the milk lake of the Dakini Land of Kharsha (gar shwa, Lahoul, in northern India). The monastery also housed the white conch and the cauldron of Naropa. These three relics were hidden when the monastery was destroyed during the Cultural Revolution, and reinstalled in the new monastery rebuilt since 1981. [MR] [RY]

mnyam bzhag gi phyag rgya - Mudra of equanimity. The hands placed in the gesture of meditation just as Buddha Amitabha [RY]

rta mgrin - Hayagriva. Tantric deity shown with a horse's head within his flaming hair; wrathful aspect of Buddha Amitabha. Here identical with Padma Heruka, Lotus Speech, among the Eight Sadhana Teachings. (RY)

bde ba can - Blissful Realm, Sukhavati. The pure land of Buddha Amitabha in which a practitioner can take rebirth during the Bardo of becoming through a combination of pure faith, sufficient merit, and one-pointed determination [RY]

snang ba mtha' yas - Amitabha; Buddha Amitabha, Limitless Illumination Boundless Light. (RY)