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skabs gsum dbang po - epith. of Indra (lit. the lord of the gods) [RY]

skabs gsum mtshon cha - divine weapon, thunderbolt of Indra, the vajra of Shakra / Indra [RY]

skyo med mgon po - epith. of Indra [RY]

skyo med mgon po - Indra [IW]

khang bzang rnam par rgyal ba - Indra's palace [RY]

khyab stobs - All-powerful [epith. of Indra] [RY]

khyab stobs - (met All-powerful (epith of Indra [IW]

mkha' 'gro'i khang pa - Indra's palace [RY]

gang po 'bod - Indra [IW]

grags pa'i mu khyud - Indra [IW]

grong 'joms - 1) Vishnu; 2) Indra; 3) buddhist [IW]

grol byed 'joms - Indra [IW]

mgon po rdo rje can - Indra [IW]

rgan las nyan - Indra [RY]

sgyings 'gro - vajra of Indra [IW]

sgra 'byin - 1) elephant that is the mount of Indra; 2) swan; 3) cloud; 4) dragon; 5) draw sound [IW]

brgya byin - lha dbang brgya byin - Mighty Indra [RY]

brgya byin - 1) Indra * sakra; 2) (lord of the gods [IW]

brgya byin - Indra [king of the gods of the desire realm (hundred sacrifices) one of the {phyogs skyong bcu - the ten guardians of the directions; 2) (Shakra)/ (the lord of the gods) [syn: kooshika: Indra: lha'i dbang po, sbal ba rgya mtsho'i gting nas ngu ba [weep], ko'u shi ka, skabs gsum dbang, gang po 'bod, grags pa'i mu khyud, grong 'jogs, grol byed 'joms, mgon po rdo rje can, rgan las nyan, char 'bebs, mchod sbyin brgya pa, 'chi med rgyal po, 'jer 'jigs, stobs ldan dgra bo, mtho ris rgyal, mtho ris 'dren pa, bde sogs bdag gnas kyi bdag po, pu lo ma dgra, sprin la zhon, mig stong can, smin pa gsod, gtsang byed, tshig mda'i mgon po, gzhan bsnyems bzod, bzod dka'i rengs, legs skyob, legs bris gtso, shis brjod nyan, ha ri'i rta can, lha dbang, lha'i rnga can, lha yi rgyal po, lha yi bdag [IW]

brgya byin - tshangs pa brgya byin - Brahma and Indra [RY]

brgya byin - Shakra (Indra). Ruler of the gods of the lower heavens of the Desire Realm, who dwells in the immense Vaijayanta palace on the summit of Mount Meru. Sometimes referred to as Indra [RY]

brgya byin - Indra [RY]

brgya byin - Indra, king of the gods of the Desire Realm. [hundred sacrifices]. rgya byin - one of the {phyogs skyong bcu} the ten guardians of the directions; Shakra [the lord of the gods]; Indra [RY]

brgya byin - Indra. The chief god in the realm of desire. He resides on the summit of Mt. Sumeru in the palace of Complete Victory and is also known as Shakra, the Ruler of the Devas [RY]