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India, China, seal, stamp, token, mark, sign, saiga antelope, net, trap, extent, size, it has been sealed, covering, shell, whiskers, GYA [JV]

beard [RY]

1) the'u tse dang rtags [Dam rgya 'debs pa,...Gsang rgya,...Dngos po rga can gyi rigs,...Thag ring du gtong rgyu'i yi ger rgya btab pa]; 2) net, trap, snare [Ri dvags sogs 'dzin byed kyi rnyi,...Bya rgya,...Nya rgya,...Ri rgya klung rgya sdom pa,...Ltad mo grol mtsams thag rgya glod pa,...Nyes pa'i rgyar tsud pa,...The tsom gyi rgyar tsud pa,...Rgya bcas nas ri dvags glod pa,...Nya rigs 'dzin pa'i ched du rgya btsugs pa,...Rngon pa rnams kyis ri dvags rgyas gshor ba,...Ri dvags sbyang po 'ga' zhig rngon pa'i rgya las 'chor ba,...Syn: ngan pa'i 'phrul 'khor dang, 'ching byed, dra ba can, ri dvags rgya, ri dvags dra ba, ri dvags 'dzin bcas so]; 3) extent [Shes rgya chen po,...Sa zhing rgya chen po,...'Khor rgya chen po,...Las khungs rnams kyi rgya bskums pa]; 4) 'gram pa'i spu; 5) Shing rigs shig gi ming (6) Ri dvags shig gi ming (7) Phyi thum mam skogs [Yig rgya,...Gsang rgya] [IW]

1) CH/ india; 2) extent, area, width; 3) enclosure, trap, net, web; 4) seal, stamp, sign, mark the'u tse dang rtags; 5) symbol, mudra; 6) vast, extensive, extent; 7) law and order; 8) passage; 9) mudra; 10) a kind of tree; 11) a kind of wild animal; 12) 'gram pa'i spu; 13) Phyi thum mam skogs [IW]

1) abbr. of China or India. 2) extent, area, width. 3) enclosure, trap, net, web. 4) seal, stamp, sign, mark; sealed. 5) symbol, mudra. 6) vast, extensive. 7. law and order. 8. passage. 9) mudra Syn phyag rgya. 10) a kind of tree 11) a kind of wild animal 12) 'gram pa'i spu 13) phyi thum mam skogs [RY]

mudra, India, China, seal, stamp, token, mark, sign, saiga antelope, net, trap, extent, size, it has been sealed, covering, shell, whiskers, GYA [JV]

(med) Himalayan Serow (Capricornis sumatraensis) (Yeshi 2017)

rgya ru ni / kha cig gis rgya nag pa'i bsil sman ling yang ci'a'u zhes par rigs kyi rwa dkar dgo ru 'dra par 'dzin pa ni nus pa cung zad tsam yang mi mthun pas nor ba che zhing / dngos bal yul 'byung ba'i glang rigs rwa ste / bai sngon las / rwa nag po srab la phyi sul tsi tsam zhib mor 'dra ba / zhes dang / rgyud las / rgya ru lug thug rwa yis bu byin byed / ces pas lug rwas tshab rung ba gsal // (mDzes mtshar mig rgyan, print p 234)

Illustrations : 'Phrin Las 1987 (23_036) rgya / kha sha (30_014) rgya ru (33_137) rgya thsil. Jam-dpal (print p 234) rgya ru

The Himalayan Serow (of the goat-antelope tribe like the Goral) occurs on the southern slopes of the Himalayas. It's most prominent feature is its trichromatism, overall blackish above; turning to rusty red on flanks, hindquarters, and upper legs; whitish on lower legs (wilddocu.de). It is not to be confused with the Himalayan Tahr, Hemitragus jemlahicus, another wild goat. Drungtso proposes Saiga antelope (Saiga tatarica), which is also included in the Chinese pharmacopoeia. But it does not accord with the thanka image. Jam-dpal discusses only the antelope's horn.
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