phyag rgya

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mudra (consort); symbol(ic gesture/ ornament); symbolic form of a deity; mudra, symbol, symbolic form, gesture, consort, [mudra]; mudra [seal, symbolic gesture]; formalized hand gesture, mudra, seal, symbol, form of deity, gesture, hand gestures, sign, position of hands, symbolic encounter, symbolic ornament, signs. bone ornaments, form. consort; 1) mudra. 2) [physical] form [of the deity], form, figure, mode. 3) gesture, hand -, sign, position of hand. 4) to take hold of. 5) symbolic [ornament]. 6) bone ornament. 7) - phyag rgya ma mudra, spiritual consort, [Syn rig ma, gzungs ma, sgrub sde ma, shes rab ma 8) seal. 9) the extent of one's arms forming a circle [RY]

Mudra. Can mean either 'hand gesture,' spiritual consort, or the 'bodily form' of a deity [RY]

mudra, seal, axiom, gesture, commitment, symbol, hand gesture, dakini, consort, posture, sign, clenched fist, bone ornament, symbolic (encounter, ornament), (mahamudra, dharmamudra, samayamudra, karmamudra), SA chos kyi phyag rgya, phyag rgya chen po, thugs dam tshig gi phyag rgya, ye shes las kyi phyag rgya, consort, symbolic form [JV]

mudra (consort); symbol(ic gesture/ ornament); symbolic form of a deity; seal of reality/ practice; isc. symbolic expression [RB]

1) seal [h]; 2) hand sign/ gesture/ position/ mudra; 3) (physical form/ figure [of the deity] mode; 4) take hold of; 5) symbol[ic sign]/ [bone] ornament; 7) symbolic encounter; 8) the extent of 1's arms forming a circle; 9) mudra, spiritual consort [IW]